Hey, Busy Mum Boss!

I see you working long hours without a break for your mind, body or soul.
I see you reaching for that 4th coffee to keep your energies up.
You are eating less and less but still gaining weight!

You are desperately needing more energy and productivity levels.

Being healthy doesn’t mean giving up on life! Or going vegan! Or cutting out carbs!
If you’re like me, a busy mum who is trying to keep everything going and really doesn’t have much time to watch every bite she takes – Click below and join our B.A.D mums club!

You started a business for financial and time freedom, and to have more energy and time with your children

But instead you find yourself a slave to your laptop, and you could be heading towards burn-out

You deserve more energy and productivity, and them sugary snacks at the laptop are not doing any favours and nor are the constant coffee to keep you awake

THE Struggle is REAL

Countless women just like you have self control and success in many parts of their lives but feel stuck when it comes to their relationship with food and body

You lack time and knowledge about which food choices should you make when in a hurry or when overwhelmed with family and work

You keep craving snacks, coffee and energy drinks throughout the day

You make fast choices and although they are fast they leave long lasting negative effects on your body

Your energy levels diminish and you find yourself having an afternoon slump

You are slowly losing yourself, no joy, no goals and lack of motivation but you know this cannot go on.....

Together We can

Free more time in your day so you can focus on what really matters to you – your family, business/work and friends.

Quiet guilt, shame, or anxiety around food so you can eat what you want and feel great about it.

Achieve your long lasting transformation and food freedom so you keep your results forever and start living your best life. And Thrive!

You are Worth It

Meet Dr Monika Gostic

It’s 4PM and I am on my 6th cup of coffee and can’t wait to come home and crash on the couch!

Does this sound familiar? It sure did to me..

I’m a scientist and a Healthy living strategist. My research involves genetics, gut cancer and inflammation, which are all tightly connected to our lifestyle choices. I use this knowledge to coach women in business how to increase their brain power, focus and energy through nutrition.

I have been overweight my whole childhood, all the way to my 20s. My relationship with food was anything but healthy. In fact, food posed as a tool to make me feel happier. I often found myself eating in secret and feeling shameful about it. This led me down a negative spiral, resulting in deteriorating self esteem and self love which in turn caused me to lose friends, relationships and develop social anxiety.

My mission is to help stressed, overwhelmed and tired mums lose weight, gain energy and find their sexy again, so they can spend more time effortlessly playing with their children (and dogs), feel at peace with their body and pass the gift of health onto their children.

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Ana Viera

49, Fibromyalgia, Ulcerative colitis and Sjogren's syndrome. From afternoon naps and mobility issues to energetic and happy mum with beautiful smooth skin, better sleep AND fitting into dresses she last fitted in 11 years ago!

Jennifer Yorke

50, Good nutrition has improved the quality of my life! From bed bound to running my own errands, boxing and loving life! I now feel better mentally and am starting to live my best life.

Angela Gordon

47, mum of 3 boys. I was always fit and active, but my body didn’t show the effort I put in. I now workout on a much higher level, my body shape has completely changed, I feel more capable of dealing with my personal life and feel at peace with the challenges as I know I can always control my nutrition and how it affects my wellbeing.