30-second Mindset Hack to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

How Your Beliefs Shape Your Actions

There is a well-known saying that goes…. “Whatever you believe to be true is true.

We tend to think beliefs are facts.  If you believe you are a failure… your chances of having success are slim.

We might say, “I can’t possibly wake up early and work out before my day starts.”

But what we mean is, “I believe I can’t wake up early and work out.”

So your belief that you can’t work out early in the morning guides your actions… and you don’t set that alarm because you decided that you can’t.

This just makes you believe even more that you cannot wake up earlier to work out!

A simple 30-second hack to start changing your mindset around negative beliefs is saying mantras. 

Tell yourself, “I will wake up early tomorrow and workout.” “I am a person who values my health and wakes up early to get my workouts in.”

Your repeated actions determine who you are.

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