4 Powerful and Simple Steps To Weight Loss or Management

Diets and meal plans take the thinking out of the game.

You blindly follow a way of eating and rely on the diet to provide you with the exact nutrition plan for your complex body. When you rely on something external for success, like a diet or meal plan, you don’t have input into the decision-making. This can actually disconnect you from the wisdom of your own mind and body.

Many times people will have success with a diet and then when they go off of the diet, they gain all the weight back. This isn’t because the diet did not work. It’s because they did not do the work to become aware of their mind and body – and understand the effects food has on them. 

Here are four powerful – and simple – steps that I use with my clients that you can do to help YOU take control of your diet.

🎉 Step 1 – Grab your journal and write down exactly what you will eat tomorrow. Choose the best foods you can.

🎉 Step 2 – Execute your plan and eat exactly what you planned to eat. No more. No less.

If you struggle with this at the beginning, make your plan less strict so that you can stick to your plan and your word to yourself.

🎉 Step 3 – Track your weight every week (if weight loss is your goal). Evaluate how you did with sticking to your plan and your word.

If you are not losing weight, you can ask yourself… Are you eating what you planned to eat? 

No? Figure out why and solve this problem. Yes? Then change what you plan to eat.

🎉 Step 4 – Rinse and repeat until you lose the weight.

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