Embracing Authenticity Through Health and Nutrition

Making and Breaking B.A.D.
I’m Monika,and this is the start of your journey to health & happiness! Let’s all lose unwanted fat, get clearer skin, and embrace our overall positive mental being!

A Fresh Approach To Health & Life

1:1 Coaching

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You seek a personalised transformation that explores your health choices, lifestyle decisions, and fitness goals.

14 Day Challenge

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An accountability programme that allows you to uncover a healthy lifestyle using easy yet straight to the point ways. where we develop a good relationship between food and body by mixing fun and fitness.

Premium Group Coaching

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You are willing to develop a good relationship between food and body by mixing fun and fitness.

The B.A.D. Journey

Know the Secret to being Balanced, Authentic, Deserving
  • B.A.D Movement

    A health movement that empowers women with healthier relationships with themselves, their womanhood, and their bodies through nutrition and lifestyle transformations.

  • Step-By-Step Training Guide

    A success road map to being the best version of yourself.

  • Breaking B.A.D. for Best Results

    Explosive transformations that target your eating habits, your body fat, and your daily routines! Get the lasest and most effective recipes, workouts, and daily checklists.

The B.A.D. Transformation

Dr Monika's transformation
“ I struggled with weight my entire life, I found shelter in food and despite knowing I had to lose weight for health, I wasn’t able to. I tried every diet under the sun and then I started researching nutrition in depth. I have finally learned to nourish my body, lost 55lbs, and kept it off for 12 years! A decade later, a BSc, MSc and a PhD in biological sciences later and collaborating with sports teams and mindset experts, I have now developed successful programmes for women to break free once and for all! ”

Not Sure Where To Start?

I’ve put together a two week quickstart guide to set you off on your journey, full of recipes, inspiration and advice. And it’s 100% FREE!

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    I met Monika 10 months ago and she changed my life. Not only did she make me realise that my body is worth looking after, she helped me accept it in glory! She showed me how looking after myself helps me do better in all parts of life, being a mum, a wife, business owner, employee etc. I honestly cannot express how happy I am that Monika is in my life and truly believe she will change he the world.

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