Are You an “Emotional Eater”?

Why We Use Food To Mask Emotions and How It Hinders Weight Loss Goals

Do you ever eat out of boredom, frustration, self-pity, irritation, or stress?

This is called emotional eating.

The food is a temporary distraction from your negative emotion (boredom, frustration, self-pity, irritation, or stress).

And while it may take your mind off of whatever you are feeling, once it is gone, you are left wanting more. Instead of dealing with your emotions, you are attempting to mask them.

So, let’s say your brain wants to eat sugar. 

Allow yourself to feel that, maybe you feel anxious or frustrated… and then resist the urge without reacting.

Just because you have a feeling/desire to eat, does not mean that you need to apply it.

It is important to recognise and feel the negative emotions and urges, not indulge in them  (self-pity, indulgence, etc.) and accept the negative urges and emotions as part of life

If you decide to indulge every time that you want/desire something, you are going to feel negative emotions because you are NOT reaching your goals. 

You can consciously feel the negative emotion of not getting to eat whatever you want and NOT react to it, moving yourself closer to your goal. 


You can react to your emotions, give in to the instant gratification of eating whatever you want, not reach your goals, and feel more negative emotions of not reaching your goal.

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