BAD Mum Club

Mothers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and most of all, women who seek empowerment.


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Being in a world where women are supposed to act certain ways, it’s hard for us to embrace our being and pave the way for our own self-improvement. We’re told to care for others. And we do so unconditionally however leaving us with zero energy to love ourselves.

And understanding that, we cried. Each time we looked in the mirror, we felt hopeless.

But one thing made us realise that we need to go B.A.D.! To be the best version of ourselves WHILE performing responsibilities, we had to go out and strengthen ourselves. From food, mental being, routines, to the simple things like skin care or just taking a walk!

If you’re looking for a weight loss programme for mums, you’ve come to the right place. We”ll help you and empower you towards your health journey!

We believe that women are built with so much beauty – passion, grace, knowledge, and love. We believe that we’re more than the societal norms of being pretty, domestic, and all around weak and soft.

And we’d love for you to join us on this health programme for mums! Made by mums!

If you don’t know where to go yet, or are still navigating a road away from sleepless nights, unhealthy cooking, and figuring out what to eat the next morning (other than your kid’s leftover toast) – this is for you!

Take care of your body and it’ll take care of your whole being!

If you’re ready, then get set, and we’ll go and break bad!

    I met Monika 10 months ago and she changed my life. Not only did she make me realise that my body is worth looking after, she helped me accept it in glory! She showed me how looking after myself helps me do better in all parts of life, being a mum, a wife, business owner, employee etc. I honestly cannot express how happy I am that Monika is in my life and truly believe she will change he the world.


    Monika has changed my life around.Im a mum to 5 children doing a full time uni degree and relied upon coffee and snacks to get me theough a day. My energy was 0 and was always tired. Since monikas plan this has all changed and im full of energy and feel healthy inside and out .Shes amazing thank you.


    I was always fit and active, but my body didn’t show the effort I put in. I now workout on a much higher level, my body shape has completely changed, I feel more capable of dealing with my personal life and feel at peace with the challenges as I know I can always control my nutrition and how it affects my wellbeing.

    Angela Gordon, 47, Mum of 3 boys