How To Put Together a Great Workout

Three Tips For a Kick-Butt Workout  💪

There are hundreds of ways to put together a great workout.

And in order to figure out the “best” workout for you, you would have to try hundreds of workouts. 

Even if you found the “best” workout for you right now, it would only work for so long before your body adapts and stops working as hard (outputting as much energy) to complete the workout.

So, what makes a GREAT workout?

💪 You should be challenged. 

If doing cardio, you should be breathing heavily. If strength training, you should be lifting enough weight that by the end of the set, you could possibly do another rep or two but there is not much else left in the tank.

💪 You should enjoy it enough to keep doing it.

You are not going to love every minute of every workout, but you have to find something that you can manage to do 2-4 times a week. The “best” workout in the world doesn’t do you any good if you aren’t doing it. 😉

💪 You should take rest seriously.

Factor in rest days – the muscles rebuild and grow when resting. This also helps to avoid burnout and injury.

Also factor in rest periods during the workout. If you rush through a workout, you likely will start to fatigue and won’t be able to challenge yourself as much towards the end. Allow rest between strength sets and high-impact cardio in order to give your body time to recover and come back strong.

I have a simple one-page workout cheat sheet that will help you create your own strength workout from home. Keep these three simple tips in mind as you build out your own program – and have fun with it! Grab your cheatsheet HERE.

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