Busy mums, are you feeding your family right?

Are you feeding your family right even if you are busy? I get that having loads of responsibilities at work, in your business, and at home is tough but one of the most pressing ones is your family’s health and nutrition.

Having a programme or a system in place to keep your family’s health in check is the wisest decision you will ever make in your life as a homemaker. And it doesn’t have to be difficult!

Here are four tips to feed your family right and provide them with a great health and nutrition programme.

Don’t frequently resort to ordering fast food when you’re too tired to cook.

We all know that fast food is not ideally healthy. In fact, it can be a lot unhealthy especially if consumed frequently. Instead of ordering in when you’re too tired or too busy to cook, look for ways to whip up something healthy in the kitchen in just a short amount of time.

Try batch cooking.

Batch cooking is what you call cooking huge portions and storing them in the freezer for the future when you’d only need to reheat them. These can be your fall-back when you’re too busy to cook.

Spend Sundays as meal-prep days.

During Sundays, head over to the grocery store and get everything that you’d need for the week. Then it may be wise to cut up your veggies and store them in airtight containers in the fridge, marinate your meats, or even pre-cook your meals in a similar way as batch cooking where you’d store them in the freezer and reheat them in the future.

This way, you’d be able to save time and energy during weekdays when you’re most busy.

Try these nutritious meal replacements.

It’s easy to just pop open a bag of junk food when you can’t be too bothered to cook something healthy in the kitchen. Instead of doing that, however, try these nutritious meal replacements:

  • berries
  • beef jerky
  • overnight oats
  • meal replacement drinks with less sugar
  • protein shake with fruits
  • dried fruit and nuts trail mix
  • apples and peanut butter
  • vegetables and hummus
  • power balls or cupcakes
  • fruits and cheese

There are so many ways to keep your family well-fed, healthy, and filled to the brim with the right kinds of nutrition that they need even if you’re too busy or too tired from work.

What is your go-to busy day dinner recipe? Comment them down below!

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