Everything you need to learn about a health and nutrition specialist

People often ask me how it is like being a health and nutrition specialist. That’s why I came up with the idea of writing an entire blog about it. In this post, you will get to learn almost everything about being a health and nutrition specialist.

Being a health and nutrition specialist is something that I wanted to do forever. I just knew that I wanted to help people in some way or the other and I thought that choosing this profession would be the right move to make.

In fact, I think that I would be speaking on the behalf of every health and nutrition specialist when I say that the dream of becoming a health expert brings the passion to help people.

If you wonder what a health and nutrition expert does, then here is something that will clear your doubt.

What does a health and nutrition specialist do?

A health and nutrition specialist helps people reach their health and fitness goals. There are primarily two things on which we focus the most and those are diet (most important) and workout. While most health and nutrition specialists only develop a diet plan, there are some health experts who also take workout sessions into consideration. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic.

Diet: For every health and nutrition specialist, diet is the key element. We develop a diet plan according to the nutrition requirement of the client. There are a couple of things that we have to take into consideration such as any nutrition deficiency or any sort of food allergies. A health expert might go through the medical history of the client just to make sure not to miss any piece of information. From the current weight of the person to the sugar levels of a person, every piece of information would be present on the health expert’s table. The diet plan mainly focuses on the calorie intake that plays a major role in achieving fitness goals. It also includes the portions of the food because eating too much healthy food will also make you swift far away from your fitness goals.

Workout sessions: Working out is not easy and that is mainly because of our busy schedule. Therefore, a health and nutrition specialist makes sure to develop a workout plan that does not take a lot of time. The exercises can be done at the home with minimal equipment. The workout session is convenient and effective enough for a client to get the desired results.

There you go! These are the two main areas on which a health and nutrition specialist focuses the most. Now, let me tell you guys something about why I chose to work as a health and nutrition expert.

Why I became a health and nutrition specialist?

Becoming a health and nutrition specialist was probably the best decision of my life. It allows me to fulfill my dream and that is of helping working women and mums. Being a mum, I know how hard it could be to cope up with life. I know that I have to maintain a balance between my professional and personal life which is not at all easy. I believe that at some point, every woman is struggling to make her dream come true and I want to take a little burden off of their shoulders by helping them reach their fitness goals.

After pregnancy, the entire body of a woman changes. From the shape to nutrition demand of the body, everything takes a turn. In such a scenario, a woman might find it difficult to maintain her health and end up losing all the hope of walking on the path of fitness. I want to inspire women and tell them that it is very easy to achieve health goals. All it takes is the right guidance, clean and healthy diet, and workout sessions.

I focus on a convenient diet that is easy to make, fulfills all the nutrition requirements of the body, and keeps a woman energetic all day. I believe that the happiest moment for us health experts is when our client reaches her health goal. There is nothing better than seeing our clients healthy and excelling in their lives.

So far, I guess you are thinking that a life of a health and nutrition specialist is always joyful and exciting. However, it is not true because there are some really huge challenges that we have to face. Let me discuss them with you.

Challenges for health and nutrition specialist


As a health and nutrition specialist, I come across many clients who do not want to change their eating habits.

In fact, I deal with some clients who say things like “my friend eats this and she is in perfect shape.” Well, the answer is that your friends’ body is different than yours. When a health and nutrition specialist develops a diet plan, the nutrition requirement of the client’s body is taken into consideration. Everybody’s nutrition requirement is different so it is not necessary that what your friend is eating to stay in shape will help you in the same way. Most clients refuse to bring change in their diet plan which is one of the most challenging parts of our job.

Long term commitment

This is a very common challenge.

Most people will come to me filled with enthusiasm and passion to change their life. But after a few months, they make excuses to continue the plan. But why is that so? Well, the answer is pretty simple.

Usually, a person contacts a health and nutrition specialist after being motivated by some source. It could be a fitness freak friend or a movie they might have watched. This motivation encourages people to consult health experts and they are ready to bring a change. But when they realize that they have to bring change in their eating habit and lifestyle, they tend to divert their mind and go back to their normal eating routine. This takes a client away from their fitness goals.

Adoption of habit

So your client is saying that they are going according to the health and fitness plan but how would you know if they are actually following it?

Some clients do not actually follow the diet plan and tend to hide it from their health and fitness expert. The worst part is that the health and fitness expert would not know about it. A client would come up to me saying that they are not losing any weight even after following the diet plan. The question comes here are you really following the diet plan or not? The answer to this question can only be given by the client.

So yeah, these were some of the challenges that we, health and nutrition specialist face and trust me, it is very hard to overcome these.

For now, these were a couple of things I wanted to tell you about being a health and nutrition specialist. I will be back with another interesting topic that will help you dive deeper into the world of fitness and health with me. Stay tuned ladies!

Final words

Being a health and nutrition specialist is fun and exciting. But it is not always a fairy tale. As health and nutrition experts, we go through many challenges that are hard to cope up with. But since we work to help others, we manage to give our best to the client just so that they are satisfied and happy when they look into the mirror.

If you want to live a healthy and happy life, you can get in touch with me. I have been helping women walk down the path of fitness with my easy and convenient diet plan. Contact me to start your fitness journey.

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