Exercise Benefits That Don’t Include Weight Loss

Exercise is About Honouring Your Body 

When people embark on a weight loss journey, there are two main areas they turn their attention towards: diet and exercise. 

Diet / Nutrition is a much bigger factor to weight loss than exercise though. Exercising alone to lose weight is a slow process and it rarely works without the diet component. 

But exercise is still a good thing. 

It is a way to honor our bodies – to feel our bodies, be present in our bodies, and enjoy the experience of taking care of our bodies . 

Exercising is also a way to honour our commitment to ourselves – we set exercise goals and follow through on them.

It’s often just as easy to exercise as it is to skip it. As with so many other things in our life.

So, we must learn how to exercise for the sake of feeling good, taking care of our bodies, and honoring our commitments on a regular basis.

Then we can then take that skill and apply it to other areas of life. We begin to build confidence in our ability to honour our commitments and follow through on goals. 

So, while weight loss may be part of the long-term goal, think of exercise as more than a tool for weight loss. Make it a part of your routine.

What is your favourite way to exercise? 

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