Fermented foods are the way to health

We are welcoming Janice Clyne from Nourished by Nature Wellness Hub into Breaking B.A.D.! Janice is a former research food scientist (BSc Hons, MSc), mum of 4 girls, a passionate foodie, blogger, obsessive fermenter, forager, educator, teacher and advocate of fermented foods and a plant based diet. She founded Nourished by Nature, a space to share unbiased nutrition and health information, empowering people to make better informed choices for their own health. She runs workshops, talks and events on all aspects of fermenting and gut health. She also has a YouTube channel, plus active Instagram and Facebook accounts. She recently launched her membership website The Wellness Hub and is actively growing an online community of empowered, engaged, informed and inspired people on a personal journey to their best health.

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Dr. Monika Gostic and Janice Clyne discussed various topics related to health and wellness. They talked about the benefits of technology in summarizing conversations and Dr. Gostic’s work in genetics. They also emphasized the importance of understanding the impact of lifestyle choices on our health and how we can make better choices to support our gut health. Additionally, they discussed the government’s initiative on healthy aging and the need for interdisciplinary groups to work on healthy aging initiatives.

The conversation also touched on the topic of alcohol consumption and the potential harm of alcohol and processed food. They discussed the addictive nature of alcohol and the potential damage it can cause, while acknowledging that everyone’s body reacts differently to it. They also talked about the benefits of using natural skincare products and avoiding harsh chemicals, emphasizing the importance of taking care of the skin’s microbiome and avoiding harsh chemicals that can disrupt it.

Janice and Dr. Monika discussed the importance of celebrating uniqueness and the need for professionals to speak the truth about nutrition. They plan to organize a workshop in person and online to increase the reach of their message and make it accessible and fun for people. Finally, they discussed the need for a Health Hub that promotes real health and not just products, and Janice offered her wellness hub as a resource for people to learn about fermented foods and healthy living.

Planning a Workshop on Fermented Foods and Nutrition
Janice and Dr. Monika discuss the importance of celebrating the uniqueness of people’s microbiomes and their interest in fermented foods and nutrition. They plan to organize a workshop in Aberdeen and online to increase the reach of their message and make it accessible and fun for people. They also discuss the possibility of involving the Secret Garden Society and other researchers to increase the workshop’s reach. They also discuss the details of the fermentation workshop, including making sourdough and getting samples.

The need for individuals to take control of their own health and make informed choices

Discussion on Health and Wellness
Janice and Dr. Monika share personal stories about their own health journeys and how they have learned to prioritize overall well-being over weight. They also discuss the dangers of measuring oneself against a number on a scale and the importance of finding a balance that works for each individual.

Key Questions:

  • What is the connection between gut health, genetics, and epigenetics?
  • What initiatives are in place to promote healthy aging and how can nutrition play a role?
  • How can individuals take control of their own health and make informed choices?

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You can find Janice on YouTube Nourished by Nature, Instagram @benourishedbynature and her website linked above

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    Good evening. I’d be very interested in attending your fermenting workshop. Please add me to the mailing list for it.
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      Hi Susan. I have added you on my email list – you should get some welcome emails and some recipes too! Please check spam and label email safe if it ends up there 🙂

    • Dr Monika

      Hi Susan, Here is the workshop detail: https://workshop.drmonikagostic.com/

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