Five Health Myths Busted!

Don’t Believe These Diet Myths

Figuring out the right diet for you is challenging! And it is made even harder by all of the information – good and bad – readily available online. 

It’s important to recognize that not all of the information that we read and/or believe is actually true when it comes to dieting and your body. 

Here are five common misconceptions when it comes to health and nutrition. 

🚫 Carbs are bad. 

In fact, your body needs carbs to burn for energy, to use for thinking and other ESSENTIAL processes in your body. Refined carbs and carbs from added sugars are NOT good for you – but carbs from whole-grain, fibre rich foods are actually healthy. 

🚫 If it says “Low-Fat” or “Fat Free” or “Diet”, it is good for you. 

These catch-phrases on processed foods at the shops may make you think that they are healthy – but most usually have added ingredients and sugar. And they can actually lead to weight gain because you overeat them! Whole foods are a much healthier choice. 

🚫 Non-nutritive sweeteners are healthy alternatives to sugar. 

Sweeteners are actually significantly sweeter than regular sugar – 200 to 600 times sweeter! And when you repeatedly eat artificial sweeteners, your body gets used to the super sweet taste and it can actually make you crave more sweet stuff. 

Although – not all sweeteners are bad either, we must think on individual level and types of sweeteners too!

🚫 Smoothies and juices are healthy. 

I know – this one’s funny as I personally recommend incorporating smoothies and meal replacements into your daily nutrition. HOWEVER – A lot of smoothies and juices are SUPER high in sugar – and often lower in nutrients than eating the fruit itself.  So be mindful when reaching for the cheap shop options. Usually the good quality products can’t be bought in Tesco or Holland&Barret

🚫 Losing weight and being skinny = being healthy. 

BOOM! This one is a BIG ONE!

Everyone’s body is different. There is no one size or shape that fits all. And there is no one size or shape that means that you are healthy. Being healthy requires a balanced diet that feeds your body and an exercise routine that burns fat and maintains muscle. 

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