How do you manage your finances as a busy mum?

Have you noticed, growing up, that managing your finances is the biggest stressor in life? That is true not only for you but for at least the majority of human beings.

See, it really is difficult to cope with financial stress especially if you’re not the kind of person who has the privilege and the luxury of having enough money.

In fact, your financial status unilaterally determines the opportunities that you eventually are presented with or hindered from having. It creates a huge impact on the jobs that you choose, where you live, what you drive, what leisure activities and vacations you enjoy…

And the level of stress that you have when dealing with your responsibilities – financial or otherwise.

Now, as a mum, I’m sure that you’re in charge of managing the family’s finances. You take inventory of what you have and sometimes worry about what you don’t. That’s how stress builds up in the long run.

Having a healthy relationship with money can allow you to avoid financial stress and anxiety.

But how exactly could that happen?

Here are 3 smart financial tips on how to manage your finances as a busy mum and take control of your relationship with money.

Be extremely mindful of your finances.

Managing your finances means that you know the ins and outs of your situation. You know how much income goes into your bank account, you know how much you spend monthly, and you also know how much your debts are.

So it is really important for you to define what financial wellness means to you. Only then will you be able to create an action plan. The key, then, is to stick to this action plan or budget, if you will, so you will be able to reach your financial goals.

Regularly assess your financial situation.

It is important for mums to constantly monitor their financial situation. Take inventory of your finances: your sources of income, your expenses, your debts, and your other investments. How much do you currently have? How much are you expecting? Answer these two questions and adjust the action plan of tackling your expenses and debts if necessary, but always think strategically on how to do so. 

Increase your income.

It’s no secret that having a lack of money is the biggest problem in managing your finances. Thus, the best solution is to look for more money. Put up a side hustle, get a higher-paying job. While these are brand new challenges to take on, they will eventually create a better financial life for you in the long run.

Then, once you do this, increase your savings. Put aside money for rainy days, for specific life goals, and for treating your family.


These three steps will definitely help you manage your money as a busy mom. It really is part of the challenges that motherhood brings, and creating a home where you and your children are comfortable living in is the most important thing in the world.

Therefore, your mindset about money has to change and it has to be aligned with your lifestyle, your goals, and your expectations.

This is the secret to being happier with less stressors.



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