How Stress and Anxiety Can Sabotage Your Health Goals

Many times, we eat out of boredom, frustration, self-pity, irritation, or stress. 

Eating can feel like a temporary escape from these things.

And while it may take your mind off of whatever you are feeling at the moment, many times we trick ourselves into thinking that the food will mask the emotion we are feeling and then our brains tell us that we want more food to feel good. But it is just a temporary relief. And it prevents us from dealing with the original emotion – and turning to food to “deal” with it instead.

If you have ever used food as a temporary escape and would like to change that, here is what you can do…

💥 Recognize – Recognize that you do something that  you want to change. If you don’t acknowledge it, you can’t change it.

💥 Feel – When your brain starts to tell you that you want sugar, for example, because you are feeling anxious or stressed. Allow yourself to just feel that emotion and acknowledge the urge to react to it.. 

💥 Resist – Resist the urge to eat something sweet without reacting to it. Just because you have a feeling to eat, does not mean you need to apply it.

It is important to recognize and feel the negative emotions and urges, not indulge in them, and accept the negative urges and emotions as part of life. 

This is amazing mindset work that has the power to really move you forward in your weightloss journey. 

In fact, I spend time with every client specifically diving into mindset and how to use our brains to reach our goals, not sabotage them! If you have tried diets and programs and have not gotten the results you want, I’d like to invite you to join me in my 90 day Breaking B.A.D. program

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