How To Exercise For Weight Loss

Three Things Every Exercise Program Should Include 💪

People often ask me how they should put an exercise program together.

My first question back to them is always, “what are your goals?”

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to put a great exercise program together. There is no ONE right way. It is important to understand each individual’s goals, personal preferences, schedule, injury history, etc. when designing a workout program.

No matter what someone’s goal is, there are three important things every exercise program should include:

…. Challenge Yourself – Your body should eventually adapt to the program and you will need to change it up every 3-6 months in order to challenge your muscles in different ways to keep seeing results.

Include Rest – Be sure to give your muscles a day of rest between strength workouts or strenuous activity. Muscles grow when they rest.

Maintain an Active, Healthy Lifestyle – Your workouts take up 3-6 hours of your week, what you do in those other 160+ hours matters.

If someone’s goal is to simply maintain their weight and stay healthy, I might encourage them to find different things they enjoy and exercise two to three times a week while maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle.

If someone’s goal is to lose weight, I would recommend five to six days a week of focused exercise – three to four days of cardio (run, jog, walk, bike) and two to three days of strength training.

This would accompany other activities throughout the week such as leisurely walks, gardening, housework, yoga, stretching, mini workouts, etc.

Losing weight comes down to outputting more calories than inputting, so the exercise output is important (you should be working hard during the workouts and moving most of the day), but being mindful of diet will also be a determining factor in weight loss – in my opinion even more important.

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