4 Simple Ideas To Free Up More Time in Your Week

How To Get More Done in Less Time

Having too much on our to-do lists can make us feel chaotic, stressed, tired… and possibly like a failure because we feel we can never get caught up.

If you find yourself waiting for life to slow down so that you can find time to workout, prepare healthy meals, call that old friend, finish a family photo album, etc – don’t wait!

Take action now – because there will always be things filling up your calendar and day.

✔️ Make a list of your priorities. And then use that list to prioritise your tasks for the week. 

You can get more done by organizing how and what to get done then by trying to do everything at once. 

✔️ Use your calendar

Schedule tasks that you are able to schedule so that you know when you will be completing them. This takes the pressure off of wondering when you will find time for something. And schedule a few blocks to NOT be doing tasks – time to enjoy your family or friends or alone time. 

✔️ Say “No” sometimes

If something comes up that is not a necessity and will conflict with tasks or quality time that you have scheduled – you have the right to say no!  

We can’t do everything all of the time. Politely declining and offering to do something at a later time is completely acceptable in a lot of circumstances. 

✔️ And a big one: De-clutter! 

Physical clutter can make any space (and person) feel overwhelmed. Taking the time to declutter will actually increase your productivity by removing the distraction of the clutter.

This includes decluttering your inbox too!

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