Kaizen for Fitness – A 10 Minute Full Body Workout With One Dumbbell

Kaizen for Fitness – A 10 Minute Full Body Workout With One Dumbbell

Kaizen means making small changes that can add up to big improvements in your life. In fitness, that often means using small workouts that can be just as impactful, but require a whole lot less time and effort. The result? You’re far more likely to do it and to stick to it.

This workout will train your full body and it only takes ten minutes. And you just need a single dumbbell. So if you have a few spare, why not give it a go now? And it takes just three movements:

Exercise One: One Handed Dumbbell Squats

To start, you’ll be performing 10 squats with a dumbbell hanging in front of you. Keep your arm hanging down the middle between your legs, squat directly downwards and then push up through your legs.

Exercise Two: Dumbbell Swing

Now, while still squatting, you’re going to start swinging the dumbbell directly upwards. This is essentially the same as a kettlebell swing with the obvious difference being that you’re using a dumbbell, not a kettlebell. The movement is excellent for your legs, for your core and for your shoulders and it’s also brilliant cardio.

Exercise Three: Half Burpee

Now you’re going to put your dumbbell down and perform half burpees. This means you start on all fours and then jump forward with your legs close to your hands and then out into press up position. In other words, this is a burpee without the jumping part at the end. This is another great one that involves cardio, that trains the abs and that works the pecs and upper body.

Completing the Workout

To complete this workout, you’re going to perform ten repetitions on each exercise. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to switch immediately to the other side and do another round. Then you’re going to pause for fifteen seconds and go again!

The astute among you may have noticed that this doesn’t target every muscle group. Sure, there’s no bicep curl in there and nothing for your rear deltoids. However, these are highly compound movements that will have an anabolic effect. Meanwhile, the whole body is working in unison through each of the exercises. When you combine these factors, you have a workout that involves the whole body to at least some extent and which encourages growth for that reason. Sometimes you don’t need to target a body part precisely in order to trigger growth – you just need to shock the whole system into action.

So don’t rely on this workout and if you only have one dumbbell… buy another! Use this as something a bit different though and as a lesson in creating training with low resources. No excuses!

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