Living a Joyful Life

What is your life’s purpose, value and meaning?

Loaded question, right?

People have been searching for the meaning of life for thousands of years.

In my efforts to look at all areas of wellness, I’d like to talk about spiritual wellness – an aspect that is larger than ourselves.

Spiritual wellness has to do with both the belief that there is something greater than ourselves and recognising the value of our relationship with other human beings.

Ask yourself, what 3-5 things do you believe are most valuable to you in this life?

Then ask yourself, are you participating in activities that are consistent with your beliefs and values?
Now, there are going to be things that probably don’t seem to bring you happiness on the surface… like doing the tenth load of laundry for the day or eating a salad for lunch.

But when we change our focus and mindset to one of gratitude and serving, it can make an unpleasant task more meaningful. We joyfully do the laundry because we love serving our family and are grateful to have a washer and dryer! We enjoy the healthy salad because it is providing our bodies with nutrients and are thankful we have access to such healthy foods.
It is important to take time to think about what is important in life and how you are investing your time, resources, emotions, energy, money and focus to align with your values – and enjoy your purpose in life.

Comment below and let me know: What 3-5 things do you believe are most valuable to you in this life?

Looking forward to reading your answers



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