90 day Coaching Programmes




Nobody should ever live a life without proper nutrition. To do that, let’s talk about how nutrition coaching programmes can help you change your life, dispel harmful yet common food myths, and show you that little changes can make a big impact on your lifestyle.

Daily meal plans: Stop wasting time on the internet looking for family-friendly meal plans every single day. I provide daily meal plans with foods you’ll love because they’re easy to make and the whole family enjoys them.

Health tips: Receive nutrition plans thoroughly backed by scientific studies to help you live your best healthy and nutrition-packed life.

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You’ll never achieve your goals if your mindset isn’t a good fit for the adventure. A strong and healthy mindset on healthy eating and nutrition is one of the most important elements of this journey.

Exclusive support: Get access to an exclusive support group with like-minded women where you can listen to and share advice and celebrate each other’s successes.

Mindfulness strategies: Strategies in being mindful will help keep you focused and will assist with stress relief, relaxation, and sleep. My health and wellness programmes include dealing with mental health too! 

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Aiming for a huge personal transformation? Training plans include personalised routines that you can squeeze into your busy day whenever, wherever. Convenience is a must, yet lack of time isn’t an excuse to put aside exercise.

Home workouts: Forget about gym memberships. Here, I provide a wide variety of online workout routines that you can complete inside the walls of your own home. Again, comfort meets convenience.

No strict timetable: Work out whenever you want to. You can join the community trainings held via Zoom or you can also watch the recordings during your free time.

B.A.D. programmes in detail


Personal Transformation Plan

Get nutrition coaching, mindset development, and body positivity guidance all in one package. Dr. Monika designed this programme to transform you into a completely B.A.D. woman!

Commit 3 months and embrace the best of family life, reliable health routines, and food whose flavors explore in your mouth but don’t add unhealthy pounds.

  • Monthly recipe guides

  • Weekly group meeting and coaching

  • Accountability group

  • Guest speakers on Business related topics

  • 1 Power hour with Dr. Monika / month

  • Exclusive discount to Personalised Supplements Kit


Personal Transformation Plan

Get nutrition coaching, mindset development, and body positivity guidance all in one package – but this time, the plan includes a lot more of everything. Dr. Monika designed this premium programme to make your personal transformation plan seamless and effective.

This is the power programme that delivers the best result. Find your inner healthy B.A.D. woman and allow it to shine from your daily routine to the activities that you usually dread (but need to do!).

  • 1-1 personalised in-depth support

  • Free access to all webinars

  • Personalised Battle Plan with Dr. Monika

  • Advanced Supplements Kit

  • + all featured as in PLUS


Testimonials for Monika

I met Monika 10 months ago and she changed my life. Not only did she make me realise that my body is worth looking after, she helped me accept it in glory! She showed me how looking after myself helps me do better in all parts of life, being a mum, a wife, business owner, employee etc. I honestly cannot express how happy I am that Monika is in my life and truly believe she will change he the world.


Monika has changed my life around.Im a mum to 5 children doing a full time uni degree and relied upon coffee and snacks to get me theough a day. My energy was 0 and was always tired. Since monikas plan this has all changed and im full of energy and feel healthy inside and out .Shes amazing thank you.


I was always fit and active, but my body didn’t show the effort I put in. I now workout on a much higher level, my body shape has completely changed, I feel more capable of dealing with my personal life and feel at peace with the challenges as I know I can always control my nutrition and how it affects my wellbeing.

Angela Gordon, 47, Mum of 3 boys