Premium Group Coaching

Here in B.A.D. membership (Balanced. Authentic. Deserving), we work closely to help you break harmful habits and build new ones!

As a scientist, I rely on peer-reviewed studies and the latest findings in nutrition science. My most recent post as a cancer researcher enabled me to study gut cancer and its relationship with the immune system cells. I transferred this knowledge into my award-winning nutrition coaching.

The best part of the B.A.D. membership is the flexibility! We have one group coaching meeting over zoom every month. This is the opportunity for us to discuss food, answer questions, talk mindset, and build up healthy foundations for life! Additionally, each member benefits from 30  minute personalised 1-1 call every month, a perfect time to go over your food diaries, private questions and more!


The premium group coaching is for you if you are struggling to stay on track with your habits, have a history of eating disorders, chronic illnesses, or simply cannot seem to reach your healthy weight no matter what you do!

You can expect weekly educational emails, fresh recipes, supportive community and latest updates in the world of nutrition science!


It is my absolute passion to research this field and apply it in my personal life! I don’t just lecture (even though that literally is my job!), I walk the walk with you! As someone who has suffered from obesity, eating disorders, emotional eating and abuse my whole life, I can understand the journey to recovery¬† – it’s not easy, however, together – we will go though and over it!

When you make HEALTH your number one priority, the rest comes naturally. Let me show you how!

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