The Science of Nutrition – Interview with Dr Monika Gostic, PhD

Dr Monika has recently joined Simone Gisondi, a holistic Transformation Coach on her amazing Podcast to talk about the Science of Nutrition. Have a read below and make sure you connect with both, Dr Monika and Simone, on their socials (link to Podcast pending)

Key Questions:

  • How does nutrition impact brain health and neurotransmitter production?
  • What role does the microbiome play in overall health and disease prevention?
  • How does lifestyle, including sleep and stress levels, affect nutrient absorption and overall health?
  • What are the optimal dietary and lifestyle choices for women during different phases of their menstrual cycle?
  • What are some common nutritional myths and misconceptions, and what does the science say about them?


The meeting began with Simone Gisondi introducing Dr. Monika Gostic and highlighting her extensive qualifications and achievements in science and nutrition. Dr. Gostic shared her personal journey of struggling with weight and health habits in her family, trying every diet under the sun, and finally finding a health coach who helped her lose over 55 pounds in a year and keep it off. They discussed the importance of eating right instead of eating less and the ever-evolving nature of nutrition.

Dr. Gostic explained the gut-brain connection and the importance of microbiome. She emphasized the significance of maintaining a balanced gut microbiome for overall health and suggested ways to improve gut health, such as eating a diverse diet with lots of fiber and probiotic foods. Simone and Dr. Monika also discussed the importance of nutrition during pregnancy and how it affects the baby’s bioses and immune system.

The speakers delved into the topic of probiotics and fermented foods, discussing how these foods have been used for centuries to promote overall health. They also discussed the importance of a holistic approach to health, including the impact of lifestyle factors such as sleep, stress, and mindset on nutrient absorption and overall health. Dr. Gostic stressed the significance of sleep as a lifestyle and its impact on overall health.

Finally, Dr. Gostic and Simone Gisondi discussed the importance of taking a holistic approach to health and debunked the myth that weight loss is the only indicator of good health. They emphasized the importance of understanding hormonal fluctuations in women and tailoring nutrition and fasting accordingly, with the Mediterranean diet highlighted as a guide for optimal health. They also discussed the exciting avenues of nutrition research, including chrono nutrition and personalized medicine, and the potential of FMT to revolutionize the way we approach gut problems and obesity.

Action Items for the Listeners:

  • Consider taking a microbiome test to understand the unique needs of their gut.
  • Seek guidance from a nutritionist or specialist in microbiome health for personalized advice.
  • Research and educate yourself on the impact of nutrition on overall health and disease prevention.
  • Prioritize sleep and establish a consistent sleep schedule.

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