What Fitness Professionals Do When They Don’t Feel Like Working Out

How to Stay Motivated Like a Pro

Here is the truth… even fitness pros don’t always feel like working out.

And sometimes – you should skip a workout. 

If you are very tired or worn down, you may need rest more than pushing through a workout. These days will come now and then but should not be too frequent.

Another reason you may choose to skip a workout is because you would rather do something else for your wellbeing such as going to your niece’s birthday party, getting dinner with an old friend, enjoying a nature hike with your kid… No one should live and die by their workout plan – there is more to life than that.

Aside from these occasions where skipping a workout makes sense because your body is exhausted or to experience some of life’s joys, many times us fitness professionals lack plain old motivation just like you! 

Here is how I make sure I am taking care of my health even on those days I “just don’t wanna”… 

1) I will keep the workout short but challenging (20 minutes feels more doable than an hour – and honestly, a lot of my workouts are under an hour anyway)

2) I attend a class where I simply have to focus on following the instructor and don’t have to think too much about working out. 

3) I remind myself of why I am doing this and how easy it is to start skipping day after day once you get out of the routine.

How do you stay motivated on those days you “just don’t wanna’?

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