Why the Little Parts of Your Routine Are Most Important for Weight Loss

Why the Little Parts of Your Routine Are Most Important for Weight Loss

When people want to lose weight, they will typically focus on a few “big” things. That means their diet for instance, and it means the amount they exercise. Most of us will then conclude we need to exercise a little more, and eat a little less. Thus, we end up lifting weights or running a few times a week, and eating bland fat-free meals in the evenings.

But very often, this doesn’t result in the kind of results that you want to see. And why is that? It comes down to the fact that you will very often miss out on what actually matters more: the details. This is the “kaizen” approach – making small changes in order to see huge results.

Why Workouts Often Don’t Work Out

Here’s the problem with going for a run or lifting weights: that is 40 minutes three or four times a week. That’s maybe 160 minutes per week.

There are 10,080 minutes in a week. That is a tiny splash in the ocean!

And if you aren’t seeing the weight loss you want to, then there is a good chance that the other aspects of your life aren’t particularly active. Maybe you sit in an office at work. Maybe you drive to and from that office. And maybe your evenings are spent sitting on the couch watching TV.

Either way, you aren’t really moving much. Meaning you aren’t burning many calories and your metabolism is slow.

Simply adding a little exercise and eating a few less calories isn’t going to result in a body transformation when your lethargy is endemic! 

This is where kaizen comes in: the process of focussing on the small details that add up to a LOT. For example, maybe you could start walking to and from the bus a stop further? That might only be a 6 minute walk but when you do it both ways, five times a week, it becomes 60 minutes of extra activity!

Likewise, you could decide to take the stairs instead of the lift, burning an extra 5 calories each time you do. That might add up to 40 a day, and 200 per week (assuming your lift is in your office and you use it at lunch).

Maybe you decide to take up one physical activity in the week – like a game of ball with the dog. Maybe you choose to get up 5 minutes earlier and stretch.

And it’s these small changes throughout your day and week that add up. And THAT is how you see a body transformation.

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