Why You Need to Take Care of YOU to Stay Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally Well

Self-care is a combination of conscious actions that promote wellness by addressing your own needs. 

These needs include:

☝️ Maintaining your physical health. 

Exercising, stretching, eating well, getting enough sleep, wellness visits with doctors and seeking medical treatment when needed…caring for your physical body. 

☝️ Maintaining your mental health.

Finding ways to de-stress, meditation, self assessment and reflection, seeking advice and counsel if needed. 

☝️ Meeting your social and emotional needs.

Enjoying time with loved ones, participating in activities that bring you happiness, building relationships that bring joy and contentment.

Self-care is basically your relationship with yourself – and prioritising that relationship allows you to live a fuller, happier life while also promoting wellness in your relationships with others. 

Just like you are supposed to put your oxygen mask on first when a plane is going down, you have to care for yourself in order to be able to care for others. 

When you neglect these areas of self care – facing stress and challenges can be even harder to manage. And life can be stressful!

Self-care is a strategy that helps you to deal with stress proactively. Some stress is good, it allows us to  learn, grow, and get stronger. But too much stress is not good. 

Having a strong foundation of self-care allows you to feel and manage the temporary stress that helps you to grow while caring for your whole self – physical, mental, and emotional.

What’s your favourite hobby or activity that brings happiness to your life? Mine is dancing and singing. Comment below!



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