Your Personal Transformation Plan: Balancing Good Physical and Mental Health

Creating a personal transformation plan entails paying attention to both your physical and mental aspects. There is a direct correlation between your body’s overall health and your mental health.

So, if you don’t feel well physically, then you won’t feel well mentally. The same is true the other way around.

Losing weight, looking better, and living healthier will boost your emotional and mental well-being positively. This is why making our health – physical and/or mental – a priority and doing whatever it takes is the best personal transformation plan that you could ever create.

Lucky for you, I have created three 90-day Coaching Programmes or personal transformation plans that work well for busy women like you and me.

What are these 90-Day Coaching Programmes all about?

What I want to focus on in all my programmes are the relationships of nutrition, mindset, and body positivity and how taking control of these will change your life for the better.

I want every woman to have a balanced, authentic, and deserving (BAD) lifestyle and this will be possible by having equally healthy physical and mental states.

These programmes include nutrition coaching, daily meal and training plans, assisted mental health checks and workout sessions, and an exclusive support group.

How do these programmes contribute to your overall personal transformation plan?

Do physical exercises and training.

Exercising regularly affects our mental health positively. Scientifically, the brain becomes healthier the more we exercise because doing so increases blood flow to the brain.

My programmes include personalized training plans for you to optimize your workout sessions depending on what your body needs.

Eat healthy meals.

Getting good nutrition can change your life significantly. Learn what kinds of food are good for you and what are not.

Through my healthy eating programmes, you will get daily meal plans for you and your family to help aid your personal transformation and health goals along with scientifically backed health tips.

Develop your mindset.

Of course, a shift in mindset is necessary to be able to truly transform. Commitment, dedication, and enthusiasm are vital aspects of finding that sweet spot to balance good physical and mental health.

Learn all there is to know about mindfulness and its application as well as body positivity in my programmes.

Be guided by experts.

Who are the best people to listen to when it comes to how to properly take care of your body? Experts. Doctors. Scientists. Nutritionists. Anybody who specializes in nutrition, fitness, and health.

I, along with other guest speakers, will delve into topics about food, nutrition, health routines, and more in webinars and other value-packed content which you will be able to get access to for free when enrolled in my programmes.

Connect with like-minded women.

There is nothing more uplifting than feeling that sense of belongingness and support in a community of like-minded women. We push each other and open doors for each other – women empowerment at its finest.

Inside the programmes, I have created a tight community where we can learn from each other and support each other along the way.

The Programmes, in detail

PLUS: Nutrition for Business Success

  • Three-month commitment
  • Group coaching
  • 1 Power Hour with Dr. Monika per month
  • Starter Supplements Kit
  • and all Basic features

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PRO: Platinum Transformation

  • 1:1 personalized in-depth support
  • Free access to all webinars
  • Personalized battle plan with Dr. Monika
  • Advanced Supplements Kit
  • and all Plus features

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Your personal transformation is possible to achieve through combining these three things: nutrition, mindset development, and body positivity.

That way, the right balance of physical and mental health will come easily to have the authentic life that you deserve. The key, as always, is to look out for yourself.

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